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When someone, sometimes unexpectedly & abruptly, "air out someone's dirty laundry" in front of many people. It's not normally malicious & is justified, because the "wig snatcher" is correcting a wrong, normally by blowing up "someone's spot", "throwing under the bus" or "putting someone on blast", for slander & lies that a person or people are telling about other individuals. It's meant to cause the "wig snatchee" shame or to be exposed as a liar. Wig snatching is normally backed by truths & facts from prior events that took place or conversations had.
I rolled up to this lady that I used to work with, which just so happened be talking to a person that we mutually know. As the lady, greeted me happily. Suddenly, the person we mutually know was like, "Name, you remember that time we were hanging out, & you said that all that stuff about Hector? I thought you didn't like him with all that shit you were talking.." #WIGSNATCH I wish you could've seen the look on this lady's face!!! HAHAHAHA!
by WigSnatcher October 28, 2013
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