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the process of a privlegded white boy trying or converting himself into a black gangsta or converting his mind that he is black and from 42nd n post rd, and then expresses himself by saying niggga,nigga,nigga while waering areopostatle and abiecrombie or cargos
i had to move to the suburbs because my wiggafication was to much for these wiggas to handle,but im still holding it down in 42 nd post rd with my nigga ivory.
by javier and jacko industries March 08, 2008
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the act of bein a spoiled rich white boy who parents boght everything for u and all ur friends are white gringos but u act like u straight up nigalicious nigga nigga sayin bitch dis bitch dat nigga diz nigga dat yoooooooowzaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh wahoooooo yippeeeeeee waahaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

waddup my niggaaaaaaz im boutz to bust out dat wiggafication fo yallz in front of my pops.....hey father can i please hav some more money i need to buy myself a new aeiropastel shirt
by soy el rey de robando March 09, 2008
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