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Wig party is used when tension needs to be broken after something stupid is said. Or, if someone continually avoids a certain topic of conversation while talking with someone else. The idea behind wig party stems from the fact that if a bunch of people get together and party because the all have wigs, none of them will talk to each other for fear of being called out on the fact that they have no hair. Thus, no one talks, because everyone wears a wig at a wig party. Note! This term is not limited to use by bald people! They are just part of the concept.
"But what did HER mom say???" John replied. Susie and Al looked at him with stares of disbelief. "ooooh..... this is such a wig party." he said.

"Sleep with yer mom? Ya know the funny things about sleep is..." Susie said.
"Yeah, but did you sleep with my mom?" Al asked.
"Did you know that the word mom is a corruption of the latin root Momus?" Susie replied.
Al sighed and walked away. "What a fuckin wig party."
by Wig boy June 30, 2005
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