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Someone who is a little Miss Susie Homemaker, who is awesomely funny and good-looking, and would make an awesome wife, but is not yet one. Wifawesomes tend to enjoy baking cookies, taking care of others, cooking, cleaning, and arranging fresh flowers. They love children and animals and always have painted toenails. Most people feel extremely comfortable around a wifawesome because they have warm, welcoming personalities. They enjoy sex (but are not slutty) and tend to make men melt, yet remain single. Wifawesomes are smart and resourceful. It is a common physical trait for a wifawesome to have dimples and a sparkling smile.
Single guy says to single really great girl, "I can't believe you are still single. You are such a wifawesome and one day you are going to make someone a really awesome wife." Single really great girl says, "I know! I mean, I enjoy baking and cleaning and would have sex with my husband no less than 5 times a week. I'm such a wifawesome, I'm surprised I'm not an awesome wife yet too."
by wifawesome/tigersud March 10, 2009
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