The female equivalent to a male hard on. The woman's vagina swells up until it resembles a tazered, twitching piece of liver, and the man can enjoy a snug, responsive ride, much like a European Sports car that looks like the organ of a cow.
In due time, she had achieved a wide on. Fortunately Bert was finished before his ass cheeks collapsed.
by Pantaloon January 09, 2008
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A female equivalent to a hard-on. When experiencing intense erotic excitement, a lady's vaginal cavity expands to allow entry of penis/fist/vegetable etc. This causes a 'gap' that needs to be filled: a wide on. It is arguable that gay men can also experience an 'anal wide-on', which of course suggests that certain women could experience a 'double wide-on'.
Ooh that Brad Pitt's a real dish. He really gives me a WIDE ON!
by Matt Hayward March 13, 2003
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When sexually aroused, a wide-on is the phenomenon of a woman's labia widening in order to accomodate the male hard-on which they so desire.
"Fuck me that guy is sexy. I've got a wide-on like a wind tunnel just thinking about him on top of me!"
by CaptSkubba February 07, 2009
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The distaff term for the male 'hard on.'
(1)Sexual:She really has a wide-on for that guy.
(2)Dislike:She sure has a wide-on for her co workers.
by ron west January 06, 2005
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when a women gets all sexual she will get a wide-on, its like the female equivelant of a hard on
"jenny hada right wide-on the other night, thought she was guna cream"
by Jenny Adkins May 17, 2006
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