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Wicku = Wish/Wishing I could kiss you

Commonly used in IM conversations or chat speak between a couple in a relationship.
A: How was you day?

B: It sucked. wicku
by TJonasT January 13, 2009
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OMG, A Wickus is such a gentlemen towards girls, he is kind and loves his family and friends. He has a great passion for rugby and is unbelievably quick when he is running and really strong. He loves hanging out with his friends and playing the park or in the house on his console. If you know a Wickus you are one of the luckiest people in the world.
Chick 1# Who is that guy?
Chick 2# Oh thats Wickus he is so nice.
by Jona Mcaren January 07, 2018
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