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1 - an agreed word between two people who are arguing whether it is cooler to add "AGE" to the end of a word or, the more widely known "NESS" or "IFIED"

2 - a word to describe coolness to the greatest degree

3 - similar to supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, a word to fill gaps in vocabulary instead of "meh" or "i dunno"

4 - a reason to give someone a ridiculously painful, slightly nerdy in some cases, high five
1 - oh man!! that was some serious wickedness.
dude what the hell are you saying?? wickedage.
No way man, even wickedified is better than that.
Don't be a gay, it can be wickedagenessified
*gay thumbs up*

2 - i've concluded that it is humanly impossible to look wickedagnessified whilst doing a double thumbs up

3 - so what's going on this weekend. we hanging or what??

4 - dude that was wickedagenessified - gimme some skin!
by return of the fletch September 15, 2006
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