Whouffaldi is the ship name for the pairing of the Twelfth Doctor (portrayed by Peter Capaldi) and companion Clara Oswald (portrayed by Jenna Coleman). This name also stands for the pairing of Doctor Who (all regenerations of the Doctor) and Clara Oswald, but this is rarely and occurrence. This ship originated before the debut of Series 8, but around the time of the announcement commemorating Capaldi as the new Doctor. Since the ninth Series of Doctor Who, the ship has been made canon by the writer Steven Moffat and the actors themselves. It is also quite common for a shipper to call themselves 'Trash' or being in the "wastebin"

The main Ship's that rival this 12 and Clara pairing are:
- Twissy (Missy/Twelve)

- Ospink or Pinkwald (Danny Pink/ Clara Oswald)
- Twelfth Doctor and River Song

- Jane Austin and Clara Oswald

The breakdown of the ship name "whouffaldi" is:

who - stand for the Doctor ( doctor WHO)
ouff - refers to the once nickname of Clara Oswald, Souffle girl
aldi - the ending of Peter Capaldi's last name representing the Twelfth Doctor

If you know a shipper of Whouffladi, they may use various words or phrases to defend their OTP like:

- The Hybrid

- "Duty of Care"

- "If you love me in any way, you'll come back"

- "Do you think I care for you so little that betraying me would make a difference"

- 4.5 billion years

- the 12th doctors existence
and many others...
A Whouffaldi Valentine:

Rose are red,
Violets are blue,
I'm still not your boyfriend,
but I have a Duty of Care...
by bgeiner March 28, 2016
Whouffaldi is the semi-canonical ship between the 12th Doctor (portrayed by Peter Capaldi) and his companion Clara Oswald (portrayed by Jenna Coleman)
"I ship Whouffaldi so much!"
"What's Whouffaldi?"
"The ship between the 12th Doctor and Clara, it's so cute!"
by TwistedYoukai November 15, 2014