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A whorenato (hor-NATO) noun. Is a familiar title referring to a rare windy cyclone type weather event usually occurring in urban areas, in the dead of night. One of the most defining and dangerous characteristics of a whorenato is the high concentration of scantily clad women wearing sharp high heels and sporting jagged finger nails swirling and falling out of the sky. Many people injured or killed during whorenatos are those who fall victim to deep puncture wounds, infection and fatal STDs.

Whorenato is also a term used to define a common social situation in which large groups of screaming intoxicated girls dance around their shoes, to that song you hate.
OMG Larry you smell that? Sure smells like a whorenato we gone need the Kevlar raincoats.

Mark my words John, you see them females? You hear that minor shift in the music? There bound to be stirring up a whorenato anytime now.
by Cheeses rust August 05, 2014
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