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A combination of a whore and a hag. This person is mostly an old hooker, but won't completely act like one. Very deragatory. Fun to say.
*Jim and Scott are walking come out of a club and spot an old woman, dressed provocatively.

Jim: Ugh, scott look at that whorehag!

Scott: I know, I would be surprised if she gets any business in the next month!
by Figy1150 August 04, 2009
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Male hanger-on of whores, offering subservience, adoration and intellect to gain access to the company of escorting prima donnas who have no soul.
Whore hag is epitomised by an IT geek lacking the personality to gain female friendship other than offering technology know-how. Often mistaken as gay.
by Fiammetta April 23, 2008
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