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(whom-and-a-what-ee) 1.)Word used when thoroughly confused with either an object, a person, a place, or a thing that often leads to anger and their demise 2.)Most often used to describe a noun or to take place of an "unknown" thing and replace with frustration
Know-It-All: So my cousin's sister's aunt's boyfriend came home with this AWESOME workout machine called the TurboMuscleAmazing 3000 and so anyway it will totally get me slimmed down to my prom dress size which is gorgeous and blue and sparkly like Clint's eyes because he is so dreamy...kinda like oober butter popcorn.

*collective pause*

Know-It-All: So what do you think of cats?

Thoroughly-Confused-Guy: WHOMANAWATEE? Seriously chick. First you talk about workout machines, then prom, then Clint, popcorn, and cats!! Back off bitch!!


Know-It-All: *pout*
by MTCB March 28, 2009
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