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The condom that all guys above 13 have in their wallets and bring to parties even though they know that they wont be getting any.
Dude A:Hey, i think that girl likes me.
Dude B:take her upstairs...
Dude A:allright, i dont think anything will happen though. im way out of her legue.
Dude B:well do you have your who-am-i-kidding condom?
Dude A:yeah...
Dude B:then you might aswell try. If the rooms a-rocking, i wont come knocking
by NotYetFamous February 25, 2008
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The sole condom, possibly past it's use-by date that is stored in the wallet of the hopelessly single.
That bitch stole my wallet! I mean seriously, what's she going to do with my expired Driver's License and who-am-I-kidding? condom
by DJNrrd May 20, 2007
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