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English Contraction that can mean multiple things
1. Who Had
2. Who Would
Often simply the word "Who" combined with a word ending in "D"
1. Some people who'd arrived late seemed suspicious
2. If it was lost, Who'd have the sword now?
by this handle is not in use August 18, 2020
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One of the simplest, yet most entertaining and bond-constructing games ever. Basically, you name two chicks (or dudes) who are similarly matched in attractiveness, and the other players choose with they would rather. Certain rules apply, like no naming guys if there are straight dudes playing the game. Can be much fun at parties.
Guy 1: ok dude, who'd you rather, alice or melissa?

Guy 2: damn, tough call... probably melissa, she's got a nicer rack...
by Hey,WhatsUp January 30, 2011
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Alternate phrase for any question in response to something someone said.
Dude: Did you hear that sweet song yet?
You: Who'd Ya Say?
by Whood January 4, 2003
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