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A creature that takes great pride in his ancestry. Often found on sites such as re-tracing family trees and the likes.
That kid won't stop asking me if i want my family tree re-traced, he's such a whitto!
by Tweener4Lyf2007 January 18, 2007
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The white person's attempt at ebonics, African-American Vanacular or "ghetto" talk, resulting in failure and offense when some, if not most, words still end up getting pronounced too properly. Some people are better at avoiding it than others, typically whites raised in black neighborhoods or Eminem, but ultimately all fail in some way.
"Dats wha Ahm talkING 'bout."
"Dude, that was so whitto. It's talkin', not talking"
"FoR shizzle mY nizzle"
by M&Ms white chocolate May 09, 2011
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