The moment or series of events by which a person abandons despair and surrenders to the inevitability of hope; not out of sheer optimism, but from facing difficulty and nihilism head-on through the use of reason and inquiry. It is the final destination of those who are redpilled and blackpilled, and tends to happen when a person becomes cynical of cynicism, and skeptical of skepticism. It is named after the white-hot fire of hope in a pill form, and is medicine for the soul.
In C.S. Lewis' book "The Pilgrim's Regress", the main character is instantly whitepilled when he realizes the Spirit of the Age, and its many servants, are all lying to him, trying to convince him that milk and urine are basically the same thing: that both are just liquid secretions of a cow. But using reason, he replies "You lie. You do not distinguish between what nature has meant for nourishment and what nature has meant for garbage." And the spell of moral relativism and nihilism is broken.

"I think you are starting to whitepill me with all your 'boundless optimism' and 'good reasons for doing things'; also your ability to overcome impossible situations certainly isn't helping matters!"

In the story of Naruto, most of Naruto's enemies and friends end up being whitepilled by him, in spite of their suffering and anger at the state of the world.
by Equal Standard March 30, 2019
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