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Aboriginal Australian term for non-Aboriginal people of European descent
Whitefellas have all the clocks, blackfellas have all the time.
by artemisia September 05, 2011
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A somewhat racist term referring to caucasion people used commonly as slang by Aboriginals.
Eh brudda some white fellas are tryin' to steal our goon!
by Anonymous658765 July 14, 2005
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White fella is not racial and the following poem from Papua New Guinea in pidgin English shows their common day to day use of "whitepella"

I guess that stupid "political correctness" hasn't hit the jungles of PNG yet. LOL

On Bring in the Pintupi
(after Nosepeg Tjurpurrula)

Whitepella bin go n round
for nothin night n day

bring em here / old people punished!
very bad trip

flour, clothes, sugar
eat em long -
kell em tinna corn beef

tinna fruit / first time
they bin eat em flour

good people in bush country
bloody whitepella bin go n
bring em

spoil em mob properly
by Gari August 03, 2005
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