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The social and political system prevalent in the United States and much of the world right now. Its agenda includes white supremacy and other forms of racism to keep many ethnic and racial groups in their place (often aided by political leaders of the opressed ethnic groups), religious fundamentalism and prejudice reminescent of medieval times, inhuman levels of riches and wealth for corporations and rich individuals of the upper and upper middle class (at the expense of the environment and the great majority of the world's people), total destruction of soical welfare programs to the poor, war and imperialism on a global scale, unyielding support for Israel, and above all, a contempt for humanity.
by Supergeek February 12, 2008
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The boogeyman of the enslaved cultural Marxist, far-left, safe space needing hugbox that is infesting academia and the mainstream media, as well as nearly every government bureaucracy.
The far-left, which include (but are not limited to) Antifa groups, anarchists, 4th wave feminism (the intersectional variety), and Social Justice Warriors (SJW's), have invented a half baked conspiracy theory which concludes that the people who created democracy, the free market economy (which has dragged more people out of extreme poverty than any other economic system ever devised by man), shared modern medicine with the world, the industrial revolution and the latter digital revolution, & have drastically elevated the average lifespan of humans of every ethnicity worldwide, are actually oppressing every single person on the planet who is not a straight "cis" white male.
It is to be ridiculed at every opportunity, as these people do not understand the difference between free market capitalism in a democratic society, and corporatism fueled by multi-national monopolies, and held up by a framework of super-national entities like the EU (European Union), and the UN (United Nations).
Pity them, mock them, but never give an inch to them, and never apologize.
There is actually no thing as a white supremacist capitalist patriarchy. It is a chimera, a fantasy.
White Supremacist Capitalist Patriarchy
Cultural Marxism
Intersectional Feminism
SocialJustice Warrior
Free Market Capitalism
Industrial Revolution
Digital Revolution
by The Angry Sloth December 12, 2018
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