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A female who has her toe nails white means she has an amazing pussy, she knows how to fuck. Ride, and suck dick!
A: Boy, you tryna go grab a drink to night at the bar?
B: Nah Guy i cant tonight, im suppose to get dinner with my girl and she got her haircut earlier and i seen on her snap , she got her nails did with that white toe nail polish!!! Mmmm yeaa!! you know what that means Boy!!!
A: Wait, nooo.. what does it mean? Cause lowkey hella girls be whereing white toe nail polish!?
A: well bro my girls always have them white nails. But any girl who has her toe nails white means shes got some good ass pussy, she knows how to ride, suck, and fuck, on God Guy!

White toe nails is good sex
by Dee-j Deej June 02, 2018
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