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An oxymoron grammatically, a whisper scream is rather appropriately named. Whisper screams are imitations of especially long, drawn out, exaggerated, overly theatrical screams through short sequences of whispers. This is often an expression of torment, rage, extreme delight (or other emotions) in a simple-to-do manner that is easy on the ears of the audience and easy on the vocal chords of the whisper screamer. Sometimes done with the purpose of creating comedy for the listener.
Dude 1: Please stop whisper screaming in response to my misfortunes. I've got physical training tomorrow and I need to get some sleep.

Dude 2: Okay, sure, I understand... NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! (whispering)

Dude 1: Please stop. Please... (crying softly)
by WhisperScreaming April 25, 2010
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