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Colloquially could be pronounced "whip-n-dip". The dine and dash version of not paying for your taxi/cab/uber/lift fare and running away. According to Urban Dictionary, a whip refers to any expensive car. On the other hand, dip is a colloquial term for leaving and/or departing, similarly related to the term "bounce". Hence, a clever, albeit definition stretching, rhyme is made for when a person intentionally does not pay the fare for a taxi and runs away, avoiding the transaction completely.
Person 1: I was so fuckin' drunk last night I think I didn't pay my uber fare last night. I'm sure thats why the taxi driver yelled at me.

Person 2: That sounds like you whip and dipped!
by carjacker808 August 13, 2018
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The act of pulling out your penis and running freely while getting chased my cops
Person 1: dude look that guy did a whip and dip and getting chased by cops

Person 2: Snapchat this bro where gonna get rich
by Ihastoshit April 02, 2017
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