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A word used by a badass sexy irresistible mofo named nasty in everyway possible useing hardly any emotion leaving you wondering if it was a as an asshole or maybe a nice greeting like heeey WHATABOUTIT or like everyone is waiting on us getting mad and you stop to help some stanger change a flat tire? And he says "WHATABOUTIT" be careful it becomes a house hold word without you know or even wanting it to like honey I have steak beer and sex for you baby ! Then he hands you flower he hand picked on his way home slides his hand up the back of yr neck as he leans in for a kiss he smiles and says mmmmmm W H A T A B O U T I T 💋💚
NASTY you woke up the whole neighborhood when you left in your truck last night......"WHATABOUTIT"

Hey girl did you see that sexy piece of man ham that never wares a shirt I would "WHATABOUTIT" his sexy ass till I he made stop !!🐒😘💋😀 Oooow WHATABOUTIT WHATABOUTIT me too girl
by NASTYNESS August 30, 2015
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