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Used as a form of praise towards a large belly or stomach on a person that often frequents fast food chains such as a "Whataburger." Often used to describe a stomach or belly that genuinely shocks the onlooker at its sight. Derived from the word Whataburger, a fast food chain opened in Texas in the 1950's that has spread throughout the southern states where the phrase "whatabelly" is often heard. The southern states are highly ranked on the obesity index due to the populations poor diet and exercise habits.
1. Check out the whatabelly on that lady has who has just ordered a diet coke with her supersized combo meal.

2. Whatabelly on that guy I think he will need two chairs to sit.

3. I have to go on a diet, look at my whatabelly.

4. I do not think that man will fit in his airline seat due to his whatabelly. I do not think the airline seat belt extensions will fit around his whatabelly.

5. I do not know how that man just fit thru that doorway with his whatabelly, that is amazing let me take a picture.
by VI-JaM February 25, 2014
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