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1. what's going on. (confrontation sense)
2. in terms of fighting or a confrontation.
Ex : yo what the beef?

Ex : Nah man I got history, I don't like this cat.
by LeX October 06, 2004
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Used as a greeting between posh shoreditch/d4 head twats who are trying to be "down with the lingo" and think that using this sort of language gives them a cool gangsta lean.
d4head1: Yo yo yo, what's the beef !
d4head2: Mellow.
d4head1: Cool bananas.
d4head2: Lets split this joint, jump in the whip!
d4head1: Shotgun! nigs! no joust !
d4head2: Mare, im always in the back !
by tdee March 23, 2006
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