Noun Phrase:

1. Computer Technical: What is your Internet Protocol Number? Internet Protocol is the standard that describes how data is sent across networks and one of the Internet’s most important elements.

2. Slang: A question to where a person is at that moment either geographically or in an abstract sense.
Q: "what's your IP?"
A: ""

Q: "what's your IP dude?"
A: "i just stabbed my girlfriend, i'm real messed up."
by ProfessorPhantasy April 10, 2004
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Your ip is:
Please try Hacking this address!
This person is really stupid!!
Hey Dude whats your IP??
Uhmmm, Let Me Check.
errrr, its i think
by Liam June 2, 2004
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That last guy is a fuckin moron, if your an elite hacker you wouldnt need to ask for an IP, plus if you told me you were I would neva give you my IP....dick wad.
You like weiners!
by bob (casey) April 10, 2004
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