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1. A phrase created in the hood on the Eastside of Cleveland, OH10. Meaning: What it do?, Whats up?, whats going on?, or whats poppin?

2. A song, and music video made by East Cleveland natives ABM Officialz. The video was shot in East Cleveland.

From the song: ABM Officialz "What it Dooski":
-"Picture this me sippin kris, your house mortgage jump on my wrist, hoppin out tha big body whip, yo wife up on my dick"
Clevelander- "What it Dooski"
Houston Guy- "You mean what it do?"
Clevelander- "Nah bitch, in the C we talkin ski, down south its what it do!"
Houston Guy- "Brilliant..."
by 216ski August 24, 2007
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