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A small town situated in the north island of New Zealand. It has a good skatepark. and thats about it.
"lets go to the skakepark, theres nothing else to do in whangarei"
by `haki December 01, 2007
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A City 2 hours drive from Auckland city. One of the most boring places on earth, after Nelson (of course). A Refuge for Bogans and drug abusers from all over (New Zealand)
According To Glen: "Whanga-peice-of-shit"
or "whanga-fuckup"

"as a punishment my parents are making me visit my grandparents in Whangarei this weekend"
by R.E.M March 07, 2005
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1) Whangarei is a Northern Town of New Zealand, around 162 km from Auckland.
2) One of the shittiest holes in New Zealand, that has no official reason for existence, except to accommodate shit.
3) Now has Cotton On.
1) Lets go to Whangarei, and travel from Auckland for 162 kms of stupidity.
2) "Whangarei?" "Yea, that hole up North?"
3) Lets all traverse to Cotton On! Our newest store in Whangarei! Skuxx!
by AnthraxBall December 29, 2010
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