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A non-indigenous, usually Anglo-Saxon Australian who professes a strong link to the 'spirituality' of Aboriginal culture, usually expressed by going barefoot, growing dreadlocks, wearing fisherman pants and playing a digeridoo. A whackfella will have almost no understanding of Aboriginal culture beyond the most superficial engagement via mainstream media such as television and Xavier Rudd songs and have a firm belief in land rights, but not have any knowledge of what such politic actually involves. Will not be able to distinguish between Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander culture.
Whackfella is a portmanteau of 'whack' (slang for fake or bad) and 'blackfella', as slang term for an Indigenous Australian.
"Man, I was up in Byron Bay last week and there must have fifteen whackfellas on the beach with didgeridoos and clap sticks. God, when is our supply of frozen orange juice concentrate arriving?"
by The_K June 12, 2009
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