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(wet-landz) noun. 1.A descriptive term used to describe Urolagnia or urophilia as it relates to gay men. 2.A place where a gay man who derives sexual pleasure from urine and urination , its odor, sight, feel, and taste, the sound of urinating, urinating on or in the mouth of a partner, can find satisfaction. 3.A place where men who share a urinary fascination or fantasy can meet online. 4.A descriptive word for gay watersports that was first introduced in July 1999 as, the word had not been used as a proper noun prior to that date. 5.A trademark owned by SBE Productions. 6.title. "Wetlandz Gay Watersports Network"
1.Wetlandz Gay Watersports Network has been pissing on the world since 1999. 2.I got with this dude in person last night that I met on Wetlandz and we got soaked together. 3.Wetlandz is more of a community of like-minded men rather than an ordinary porn site.
by WetDude March 19, 2007
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