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The wet daydream occurs during the day when you are thinking about laying the bone to some hottie and you get a rock hard boner, and after it (the boner) goes down, you have a few drops of splooge in your underbriefs. Some guys may have a full load in their pants, depending on how hot of a situation they were daydreaming about.
Member of the media: "Mr. Jobs, what product will you be unveiling today?"

Steve Jobs: "This is the new Ipod, it can play music, movies, make coffee, and print U.S. currency. It is really great"

Another member of the media: "What price can consumers expect to pay for this amazing device?"

Steve Jobs: "I will answer that as soon as I get back from the restroom, I just had a major wet daydream."
by John Planet December 16, 2007
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