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Westport, Massachusetts is the premier location of vacationers to spend time on the lovely beaches and waters of this seaside town. These vacationers are called "skukes" by the locals, referring to the bird who comes around in the summer, but flocks during the winter. Anyone who sets foot in Westport during the summer that doesn't live there is considered a skuke by the locals and it isnt common to hear things such as "GO HOME" or "WHERE DO YOU LIVE AGAIN" as they bombarde the seashore of Cherry& Webb, Bakers Beach, Horseneck and even Boat Beach. There is one known ice-cream shop that actually gets good money, that being Handy Hill, but those locals know better, they know all the hott spots in town. The 4th of july is crazy, so crazy you have to get to the beach at the crack ass of dawn to get an area. It is not uncommon to find beach volleyball matches, paddleball or even kids swimming to the sand bar. All in all, Westport is the premier location for beaches, parties and never the less, skukes.
Now the Cape kids say this to...but our life is your vacation
by skuke hata May 11, 2005
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A little town in Massachusetts on the coast, i mean really small. Pretty rich place in some areas and we get some vacationers here like Harrison Ford and Tom Cruise might have a house here. Every one shops at Lee's to get food which is super overpriced. Most teenagers work there too. Everybody jerks off to the WHS basketball team but were pretty ill we make it to states every year. Theres a shit load of drugs here and even mroe white people who want to buy them. Overall a great place to retire, and a shitty place to raise your kid unless you want him to be a burnout. Also known as Cowtown, god only knows why we only have like 3 farms here..
Guy1: "I live in Westport, MA."

Guy2: "Where the hell is that?"
by ballsintheface8 December 01, 2008
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