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A person who will tell you exactly what you think they want you to hear in order to trick you into being their personal slave to attain their own goals.

Someone who has to continuously find new friends every 3 months because that is how long it takes for people to realize how they are being treated.

Someone with the ability to lie and defend, through circular logic, things that anyone with an IQ of 5 should see as unfair and ridiculous.

Popular slang term in Tennessee.
I hope my new boyfriend isn't a Westleey.

My new boss is definately a Westleey.
by Greg S Monaco October 03, 2006
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1. An asstard.
2. One who forgoes fair play and kindness in the pursuit of personal gain above all others.
3. A Liar and a cheat.
4. One whom openly misleads those who trust him, to keep them in check (and the suckers fall for it)
by burblefling August 26, 2003
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