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Where ghetto black kids and rich white kids collide. The land of drugs, bathroom blowjobs, buzz lightyear looking principals, etc. gays are okay but all other minorities are discriminated against by students and teachers. In the mornings, you can watch in awe as the busses cart in loads of black kids, fresh from the ghetto streets of Columbus! Watch in amazement as they all unload the busses, fighting, cussing, smoking, and throwing around racial slurs. Come now and you may even be able to get a discount on drugs from WCHS's many aspiring drug dealers!
Person 1: what's that rich kid school with all the ghetto kids called?

Person 2: Westerville Central High School
by fitzthefeg May 16, 2014
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Welcome to the school of cliques. You have the gays, the bland rich white kids, the ghetto kids, and a few groups with all of these. The one thing everyone has in common is that everyone knows at least one drug dealer. The teachers either don't care or care way too much. One of them is even a communist! Also unless you're in one of the mixed groups there's a decent chance everyone hates each other.
Person 1: hey, who's your dealer?
Person 2: this rich kid who goes to westerville central high school
by YourFellowBi October 29, 2017
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