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A school where the teachers hate their jobs. There’s always a kid in their shirts juuling. All the kids have smoked weed. And there’s always at least one person who has lean in their locker. The girls are either emo or thots who cut for attention or talk shit about innocent people. Also, everyone screams “air” whenever given the chance
Row row”- said an 8th grader

“Definitely from west Genesee middle school”, said a cms kid
by RowMyAir June 22, 2018
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A middle school in New York where a bunch of rich kids live and vape to much and be pretend gangsters for fun. They act like they thicc but really they are flatter than the phone (or computer) your reading this on.
Girl: I’m so thicc, all the boys want me.

Boy: no your only west genesee middle school thicc.
by Air Row June 22, 2018
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