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a medium sized city just east of los angeles, mainly upper middle class people live in boring tree lined streets that have no energy. pretty nice city but many say those who come fromm la puente and baldwin park ruin the parks and mall, lots of cute girls and rich people in south hills who control everything, city has mexicans asians and whites all mixed
white mexicans asians west covina
by jasonsanezla January 01, 2011
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easiest place in the whole world to acquire horchata, also has many very nice palm trees to enjoy the drinking of your horchata, and cosmic bowling where horchata is also served.
person one "where can i get some horchata?"

person two "dude, you already have some in your hands"

person one "wow that wasnt there before...but ill take it!!!!!"

person two "thats west covina for ya"
by lukas podolski July 10, 2008
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a suburban slightly-lower-than-middle-class community of wealthy-ish mexicans and some whitetrash. high school kids characterized as "fresh". a place where grown-ups work hard to establish a decent life but in the process have just given their kids less supervision and more money for drugs, mostly weed and ecstacy. overall a lame (but beautiful) town where no one does anything even though theres money, cops are always around, and kids drive around in cars looking for shit to do. hot stuck-up girls of all variety. towards the south hills area you get your white preps but mostly its mildly ghetto mexicans. city also known for older tweakers
damn, youre going to west covina? they have some hot ass girls but they never put out and the cops usually break things up around 11 anyways.
by freezybaneezy December 13, 2008
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