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me and my friend eckhard(from follojaz) and the father to eckhard as well. he is a used dealer /goods and so on sunday we 3 will take the last wagon from the job round to a house of a old man(gerbel) Gerbel was a paintmaster also weekend artist. BUt not to take the orgel we are going for us BUT to the used goodsdeal? NO!!!! but eckhard of course planning to put the orgel in the studio @ the place he is playing-in the record.
you no about that:farm and shop/selling are barely so-oo pouplar in this time (2005) with so-oo many many old farm folk are dead soon.80/90s :(
they are well none after the begrab? to her? buirying?? IN the ground old tak!! sad for him.
i think about that but more about the orgel BUT MORE THAN THAT! THIS>>>>>>
not so-oo sad then bu so-oo fun to see many old like drawings by him on of the wife of him in 50s/old times only coming out in in the reizwäsche..rice wash as thomas cabel(canada architect in summer exchange) nononono isadi that to him as i was telling him all german strange!!!!
teehee LINGREIRIE? not so-oo like Gstrapp but sexy in any fall!!!!!!!!!!!!!
like 50porn drawing and not a trick like you can do to the frontpage book for example in high school.

rare gardbacon hanging. i see that even as a drawing.! tee hee! good for him for feeling!
i will be drinking too and at a konsert.not follojaz but beatuiful donna!!!/
by wendell March 04, 2005
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