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a pathetic girl who take years to finish an undergraduate degree because she is so dumb. she cheats on her boyfriends and tries to break up their other relationships after they realize she sucks and dump her. she usually has nothing going for her, is ugly, over-weight, and broke. however, and this is key, she thinks she's really attractive so she acts like she's a bombshell and acts loaded and spoiled. she's secretly trying to marry a man for money so she can go on ridiculous shopping sprees and not have to work a shitty mall job any more. she is a selfish, anti-social, ugly, fat, loser with no redeeming qualities.
I'm glad I graudated from an Ivy League university and avoided turning into a wellynf. Those girls are so sad.

My last girlfriend was ugly, fat, anti-social, and a loser. She was a total wellynf, who was holding me back, so I dumped her ass.
by Maria Fontaine December 15, 2010
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