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Living beyond the high life, balling out like a rock star on speed. Beyond the usual phase of living it up.

May also refer to owning a large home in Beverly Hills or Malibu, California used for throwing week-long benders stacked with champagne, cocaine, pot, whiskey, and classic women.

Can be used as a noun or adjective.
1. Rockstars and porn stars live the wellband life. Their pools are always full of naked ladies and coke lines the tables.

2. He's wellband living large - he just bought five Ferrari's - one for his mom, one for his sister, one for his girlfriend, and two for himself.

3. I wanted to be a Philosophy major but I want that wellband life. So I chose Engineering.

4. Man, it's 1 a.m. and you're party's out of alcohol? There's nothing wellband about that.

5. Your party's not wellband if no one makes it to the hospital.
by young_and_beautiful May 13, 2013
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