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(Almost) Every race has a trademark laugh. This laugh helps identify friends in a social environment such as a chatroom, or people you need to lure to an alley and stab in the fucking colon for speaking like dumbasses (Insult their intelligence and/or kill them in the game).

Japanese - kekeke
Korean - kkkkkk
Brazilian - aheuahuahuaha
Spanish - jajaja
Arabic - hhhhhhhh

So what about the times, those ridiculously frustrating times when you can do neither to someone that laughs like a retard? Well fellas, I give you the perfect word to say in a situation like that. It guarantees confusion, concern, or causes uncontrollable RAGE.

The word is:

Carlos: Man, this music fills my eyes with tears.

Mandeep: Your Mom fills my balls with tears.

Carlos: Huh, how?

Mandeep: When she deepthroats my dick tears fall down her cheek and land on my balls, causing them to be full of tears.

Carlos: Jajaja you are such a fucker.

Mido: hhhhhhhhhhh

Juventino: ahueahuahau

Nagasaki: kekeke

Kim Man Suk: kkkkkkkk

You: wekwekwek

The others (together): wut
by Thunderized December 19, 2009
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A substitute for lol, lulz, wakekeke, wakakkaa, lawl, lul, etc.

Although it is longer to type, it is by far the coolest and/or most ridiculous version of laughter. It can also be substituted by qweqweqwe, which is a misspelling of wekwekwek, seeing that's how it sounds if you say it out loud.
Riku I'm watching the most fucked up porn vid ever
Madi lmfao xd
Riku Its like seventies porn and its a girl passed out in an African jungle
Madi thought u don't watch those kinda vids xd
Riku and a fucking monkey, like a real monkey
Riku is like on the tree and it climbs down and goes over to the girl
Riku and he like tries to turn her around cept she's too heavy and then he like

Riku spits on his mouth
Trae i dont like them porns the damn chicks have a crucial bush

Riku the monkey that is :p
Riku and then he's like smelling her / licking her boobs and then a fucking snake comes and the monkey runs away and climbs the tree again
Riku and then the girl wakes up and sees the snake but its too late cuz the snake is like wrapped around her
Riku wtf is this??
Riku and now they are fighting the snake
Madi lmfao xd
Riku wekwekwek
by Elim December 20, 2009
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