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a word originating from a series of terminology created by the students of a New Jersey high school. The word weet is "sweet" without the s and has an opposite connotation. Can also be pronounced in a number of ways, such as: "Shaweet". Deliver also counts, one can use the term in a falsetto pitch to increase effect, or can accompany the term with a hand motion to increase delivery.
"Oh weet car!"
Actually meaning a stupid looking, or lame vehicle.
by crusaders470 October 21, 2010
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Sweet without the "s"
An exclamation often used to describe situations that are not actually Sweet but are actually quite embarasing.
Weet shot!
Actually means that the aforementioned shot sucked.
by Rardi Mooch and T June 17, 2006
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1 -A verbal expression of happiness, sadness, anger, excitement, or any felt emotion at any given time.

2- Used as an interjection in any conversation, or to get any person(s) attention. (Usually random and unexpected)
Weet is usually used with extreme hand motion, and intense screaming. Weet does not have any specific meaning, and its origin comes from a group of New Jersey high school teens.
"John, you forgot to turn your headlights off again"
"Oh Weet!"

"Hi Matt!"

Person 1 "So, what do you think of my new haircut?"
Person 2 "WEEEEET!"
Person 1 "????"
by F27sBassist January 23, 2012
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1. Derivative of Dutch weet meaning "to know" or "knowledge"
2. Derivative of woot meaning something like "YES!"
Ik weet.
(I know.)
by freakingweet December 10, 2005
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