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A person who engages in their chosen hobby only at the weekends, but, instead of enjoying themselves, spends the entire time preoccupied with troubling thoughts of a mostly mundane nature, e.g. office politics, family strife, the spectre of their own mortality.
'Yeah, I guess you could call me a 'weekend worrier'. Note how I pronounced 'worrier' /wʌri:Ι™/, not /wΙ’ri:Ι™/', which is probably what you expected me to say... It's a play on words I sometimes do to amuse people, but usually just myself... Well, I like it... Aaanyway, great party, hey? Fleeting distraction from the universal certainty that we'll all be dead one day... Yep, nice talking to you, too.'
by L'esprit de l'escalier September 03, 2016
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