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When a person tends to do the exact same stuff after getting high.Meaning does the exact same things at the exact same time as the day before after smoking.many dejavu happens in this state.
weedpeat is a state of mind and is very hard to explain via example.
by Nik Armi January 24, 2010
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combination of the words weed and repeat. used to describe a moment of deja-vu while high, or any reoccurring actions while high.
Pot Head #1 - "Today will be a weed-peat of yesterday."

Pot Head #2 - "Oh so we're getting high, spending all our money on food and cigarettes then pass out after about 8 hours of playing Black Ops?"

Pot Head #1 - "Fuck yeah"
by Huha93 November 28, 2010
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