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someone who agree's to "help" somone else get hold of weed by "linking" them a draw, utilising dealer contacts that the potential buyer may not have or going a long distance as a "favour". however this person takes out an amount of the weed. This can range from small (1 moderate spilff out of a half ounce) to large (one large packed spilff out of a 10 bag).

This act of scabbyness can range from being accepted as part of weed game and being silently tolerated,
say somone cycled into to town in the rain to collect your package and decided as payent to take some out. that would usually be acceptable. To being seriously frowned upon e.g you cannot get weed anywhere and one of your cheepass "mates" knows a dealer your don't and having a monopoly links the draw bumping it heavily claiming the dealer ripped him off.

linking a draw for a pre determined amount of loot is a different thing entirely: to be a "bumper" one must take without prior agreement or take more than agreeed by the buyer.

my advice to cut out bumping; cut out the middle man- unless there absolutly trustworthy. And always go direct when you can, straight to the dealer also having a pair of scales helps alot, always weigh your draw to see how much bang you get your buck, even if you go direct, most dealers will try and bump you if they can.

Beware the bumper, he can take many forms.
A cheep ass younger looking for an easy ziggy
a unknown dealer trying to maximise profits
or just a total cunt
a first time teen buyer of a large amount does not know where to get this much weed from, so he contacts a mate of a mate, another school who is rumored to be able to link bigs of some nice afghan cush. The weed bumper pugh walters is already up to his old tricks convincing the naive first time buyer to part with £190, £30 over the average £160 an ounce (which it was when this was written). The bumper then proceeds to take fucking ages to "link" the draw (lazy barsterd). When he finally decides to pick up he go's to his uncle's mate who give's him £140 on the oz. and ounce is supposed to weigh 28g giving 20 £10 bags based on an average 1.4g per 10, giving the buyer of a big a discount, significantly less than it would cost to buy 20 individual 10's. The bumper then decides the first time buyer won't notice that much and removes round 4.4g and go's to deliver the ounce.

After receiving the Z, going home and showing his mates it becomes apparent that he has been catted out, annoyed but with no one to turn too, he just has to grit his teeth and learn from the experience. After paying £190 pounds for round about 23.6g he ends up getting roughly 1.2g per £10 spent (an under average 10) in fact loosing 0.2g on each 10 and not achieving any saving at all that buying in bulk usually does. so yet again the bumber prevails The most venerable are the ignorant so before you start buying regularly... learn your shit.
by The ganja guru buddy January 18, 2010
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