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A weeaboo that embraces his/her inner weeb but still demands to be called am otaku.
This weeb says he's an otaku, sheesh I'm tired of these pathetic weebtakus.
by Weebtaku productions November 02, 2017
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A mythical creature that is the ultimate level of weaboo. Able to name every waifu to ever exist this terrifying creature will annoy you about their 300,000,000 Body Pillows (most of them will be Lolis). It is recommended to avoid these terrifying creature as they will murder you for talking about a single Anime without first knowing LITERALLY EVERYTHING about it, owning every manga, a body pillow of the 'best girl' and at least 7 figures from the show.
Weeaboo: Man pokemon is so cool.
Normal Human : Yeah it is not bad. What is the name of the one pokemon that is literally trash?
Weeaboo: Ahh... I can't remember.
Normal Human: But I thought you liked pokemon
Weeaboo: I'm not some kind of Weebtaku, there are Pokemon i don't know.
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