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A infectious disease contracted by young american males or females through the popular culture of anime (Japanese Cartoons) and develop a heavy addiction to this culture at different stages.

Stage 1 (Low Addiction): Often talks about anime shows and characters

Stage 2 (Medium Low Addiction): Constantly talks about anime shows and begins to do impressions
Stage 3 (Medium Addiction): Begins to purchase anime posters and figurines

Stage 4 (Medium High Addiction): Purchases Japanese weapons such as Katanas and Anime Character Costumes and goes to every available Anime convention
Stage 5 (High Addiction): THIS IS THE POINT OF NO RETURN IF A PATIENT IS IN STAGE 5 THERE IS NO CURE FOR HIM. In Stage 5 the patient's love (key word) for anime has gone to a extreme level. The patient has purchased for him/herself a membership at Rosetta Stone just to learn a shitty version of Japanese and now starts to gain weight.

Stage 6 (Extreme Addiction): The patient shows an unhealthy obsession towards certain characters after the purchase of a body pillow (a pillow the size of that character or person) and begins to show sexual feelings toward the pillow.
As a professor in weebotology, I have never seen anything past stage 6 but I have seen some people on stage 6 where he/she could not be fixed. The only solution that I could come up with is bleach and I recommend clorox. Clorox is the only solution for weebola patients past stage 5.
Hey what happened to Jimmy? He was infected with Stage 6 Weebola. (proceeds to break down into tears)
by Dr. Francis Weebotology PHD November 24, 2016
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