A man on the edge of life, worthless dead trash. No reason to live. No reason to try. They stumble around the world looking for ways to fill the hill of emptiness bored deep into there heart. They don't understand how other people can withstand the years of living on a planet where no one loves them, where no one listens to anything. Everyone just complains,lives and dies. He tries to commit suicide but he isn't even good enough for that.
"wow, that man is being such a Weeaboo Trash"
by Crusty Gabe Lips May 13, 2016
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Weeaboo Trash is a term for weeaboos who devote their own lives to watch anime. These people have no lives and have no jobs, a car or a significant other. See the definition of Weeaboo for varying information on what they are.

Since they rarely contact people in real life, they are looked down on by society and the internet as a whole because of their sad life-styles
Dude he won't shut up about Mirrai Nikki and how it is the best thing.

Probably because he's Weeaboo Trash
by Kulboi December 10, 2016
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