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1.Person who supplies "pirated" goods for free, like Robin Hood, but electronically.
Generally posting freebies on his/her site or file trading, also known to swap by CD burning.
n.1 This dude I know, he's a webpirate, I got the lastest copy of Doom from him for free.

v. The action of having goods stolen from you, electronically off your PC, iPod or other electronic device.

v.2 Someone hacked into my system, and webpirated all my MP3's.
by Pixie05 June 27, 2005
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One who spends all his/her spare time stealing as many mp3's, videos and hacked software as possible.
IF the RIAA got a hold of the WebPirate, he'd be put away for life.
by Thadius3 June 26, 2005
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