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A woman who loves frequently wearing hair weaves, wigs and extensions all while allowing her natural hair to rest, relax and grow. While most women wear extensions to achieve a more "European" look, make their hair look fuller, or change their style/appearance, the ever evolving weavaholic is an addict, owning more hair pieces than pairs of shoes. This chameleon can be found spending countless hours watching Youtube videos by fabulasityisme or shopping at your local beauty supply store every week.
--Have you seen Ebony's hair? Last week she was a blonde, yesterday she had a cute afro and now her hair's long and wavy. What's her secret?
--It's no secret, she's wearing a lace front. That girl changes her hair more often than Houston changes weather. She's a weavaholic.
by Dora The Explora October 09, 2013
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