A device which can act and/or function as a PDA, Tablet or other computer aided device.

This may include the ability to receive, view and send tweets and emails; browse and update facebook, set reminders and mark special events, as well as GPS navigation.

Some wearable tech may also feature a variety of tools for the more health conscious users. This typically consists of a pedometer to track and record how many steps the user has taken; tracking their calorie intake and how many calories they are burning and measuring their pulse and heart rate during the course of the day.

Some examples of wearable tech includes Google Glass; the Pebble; Samsung's Galaxy Gear and Razer's Nabu Smart Band
Phil: You hear about Ted getting on the "Wearable Tech" bandwagon?
Mike: Yeah, I saw him showing off his new Pebble.
Phil: I personally got better things to do with my money. I'm not going pay to be some faceless corporation's sales ad guinea pig.
Mike: You said it.
by wisemanoncesaid February 4, 2014