to secretly record a conversation with another person by wearing a line with a microphone connected to a handheld recorder hidden somewhere on your body
ME: I'm talking to my professor after class today and he's gonna say he wants me to fail hard
FRIEND: Get some proof
ME: Yeah I'm gonna wear a wire
by DeafDumbAndBlind November 25, 2013
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The discovery of a woman with a tampon inserted - the discovery of a tampon string - When the tampon string is visible
1) Before the act of intercourse commences, the gentleman grazes his hand over the ladies labias and politely asks “Dearest maiden, are you wearing a wire?” As he digs deeper, he tugs on the ladies tampon string.
2) Yo my man! Check that stripper on the pole, she know she ain’t right for spreading that wide, bitch wearing a wire!
by CheddarBaeBiscuit May 6, 2018
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