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Someone who hogs, or "whores" all of the valuable weapons in the video game Halo. The term "weapon whore" can be made more specific by replacing the term "weapon" with the valuable object.
by Toskinator March 23, 2005
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In any given multiplayer First Person Shooter (Especially ones with customiseable content eg CoD 4), a weapon whore is a person who goes around picking up and using people's guns. This is generally due to either: 1. Primary weapon has run out 2. Bad sidearm 3. Beginner and therefore crappy weapons.

Although generally not a bad thing, it can be used as an insult
Sam: "Dude, I randomly picked up someone' AK, but it ran out of ammo so I took someone's M60 but I didn't like the grip so I kept on switching between someone's G36 and M40."

Kurt: "You are the biggest weapon whore I've ever met."
by The Chinsman November 07, 2010
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